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FordPass Driving, Traveling, and Parking Features

FordPass Driving, Traveling, and Parking Features

Ford has created an app to make driving a Ford easier than ever. The FordPass app was created to simplify everyday driving. Connecting your FordPass app to your SYNC® equipped vehicle puts vital information about your Ford at your fingertips. FordPass driving, traveling, and parking features are all highlighted below!

Enhanced Parking Features with FordPass

FordPass has made finding and paying for parking easier than ever. When you are looking for parking, finding a spot can be difficult. However, With FordPass, you can end the long search. FordPass allows you to quit playing the guessing game, and find parking ahead of time so you can secure a spot near your location. Once you find a space, FordPass allows you to reserve a spot if available. With real-time updates on pricing, FordPass secured pay allows you to pay for the spot and take all the hassle completely out of finding parking. Once you have parked, you can pin the location of your car to the app, and make your way back to your car just as easy as you found the spot.

FordPass and SYNC® Connect Features

Connecting your vehicle with SYNC® to your FordPass allows you to stay more connected to your vehicle than ever. FordPass app gives you access to vital pieces of information like your fuel levels. You can also lock and unlock your vehicle from wherever you are with just a quick tap. For those cold winter days, you can remotely start your car so it is nice and warm when you get inside. You can even schedule starts for your vehicle, so its ready to go quickly every day.

FordPass also helps you find gas stations and allows you to narrow your search to certain places or fuel types. You can also schedule a service for your Ford right from the app, and get reminders of upcoming appointments. FordPass has simplified life for Ford drivers by putting multiple apps into one and made driving easier than ever.

FordGuides Help You Along the Way

While using FordPass you can connect via phone or live chat with a FordPass expert and have all your questions answered. You can also contact 24/7 roadside assistance in case of an emergency, whether it’s a flat tire or you ran out of fuel.

If you have any question regarding FordPass and how to use its features, feel free to contact us here at Skaha Ford today! If you are ready to get behind the wheel of a Ford and get a firsthand look at some the technology, you can schedule a test drive today!

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