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How safe is the 2018 Ford F-150?

How safe is the 2018 Ford F-150?

2018 Ford F-150 Safety & Driver Assistance Features

The 2018 Ford F-150 is known for its power, towing capabilities and customizability. Available in over a hundred different configurations, there’s a 2018 F-150 that’s right for any kind of truck buyer. But how safe is the 2018 Ford F-150? What driver assistance systems and safety features can buyers expect to find in this truck? We’ve compiled all the information you need to know about the 2018 Ford F150’s safety and driver assistance features.

The exterior of the 2018 Ford F-150 is defined by the hardened, heat-treated aluminum alloy which the body is built with. This durable material helped the 2018 F-150 achieve a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The interior steel frame is built for collision damage mitigation as well. In addition to being tougher than its predecessors, the steel frame and aluminum alloy exterior were engineered to be lighter.

2018 Ford F-150 Driver Assistance Technology

A variety of driver assistance features keep this truck’s occupants out of harm’s way. Available is a 360-degree camera that helps raise driver awareness by providing drivers with a better idea of what’s in the truck’s immediate area. An optional system known as BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) notifies the driver when it detects a vehicle entering the 2018 F-150’s blind spots. Furthermore, this system detects traffic passing behind the vehicle to help drivers with backing out of parking spaces and driveways. Also available is the Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection system, which scans in front of the vehicle and can apply the brakes automatically if a potential collision is detected.

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