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Safety Features inside the 2018 Ford Explorer

Safety Features inside the 2018 Ford Explorer

If safety is a top priority for you when buying a new car, you might be considering purchasing an SUV. SUVs are built to be big and sturdy so that they can withstand a collision. Ford Wanted to make vehicles even safer, that’s why the loaded with Ford Explorer with a ton of safety features. Read all about the safety features inside the 2018 Ford Explorer!

Driver Assistance Features in the 2018 Ford Explorer

The 2018 Ford Explorer is packed with key Driver Assistance features to keep you protected on the road

Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert
The Blind Spot monitor alerts you both visually and audibly if there a is a vehicle in your blind spot. Cross Traffic Alert alerts you if you are backing up and there is a car crossing your path behind you.

Lane-Keep System
If the Ford Explorer sense that you are deviating from your lane without your turn signal on, the vehicle will alert you that you are veering from your lane so that you can correct your steering.

Enhanced Active Park Assist
Enhanced active park assist makes parking the Ford Explorer easy. The Explorer will scan the parking space, and back in and out for you, while you control the acceleration and brake. The car can also steer you out of a spot, or into a parallel parking spot.

Forward Collison Warning with Brake Support
The forward collision system alerts you if a forward crash is imminent so that you can use the brakes. The brake support system will also help you brake to lessen or prevent the collision.

Auto High-Beam headlamps
The Ford Explorer uses a camera and sensor to detect if a car is coming from another direction, and can turn the high beams on and off as needed.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive cruise control helps you maintain a set distance from the car in front of you and speeds up and slows down if the car in front of you does so.

Test Drive a 2018 Ford Explorer Near Penticton, BC

If you have any questions regarding the 2018 Ford explorer or safety features, contact our sales team here at Skaha Ford. If you are ready to get behind the wheel of an Explorer, schedule a test drive online today!

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